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Now, now, now, honey此时此时此时,我的甜心You better sit down and look around你最好坐下来看看周围Cause you mustve bumped yo head因为你必须昂起头And I love you enough 我爱你够多了to talk some sense back into you, baby足够可以

now, now, honey此时此时此时,我的甜心you better sit down and look around你最好坐下来看看周围cause you mustve bumped yo head因为你必须昂起头and i love you enough 我爱你够多了to talk some sense back into you, baby足够可以和你谈

好像这首歌叫whydon'tyouloveme,歌手是TheBrigadier! 在酷我网站上有!

《Why Dont You Love Me》歌词 - Hot Chelle RaeSee I can't wake up I'm living a nightmare That keeps playing over again Locked in a room so hung up on you And you're cool with just being friends Left on the sidelines Stuck at a red light Waiting


why dont you finish ur homework before sleep2. why dont u just have a shower first 3. why dont u sleep earlier so that u will have the vigour to performent well the next day4. why dont u buy a new phone instead of using ur old phone which is going to spoil

now, now, honey 此时此时此时,我的甜心 you better sit down and look around 你最好坐下来看看周围 cause you mustve bumped yo head 因为你必须昂起头 and i love you enough 我爱你够多了 to talk some sense back into you, baby 足够可以和


歌曲名:Why Don'T You Love Me (Like You Used To Do)?歌手:Elvis Costello & The Attractions专辑:Almost BlueAmanda Marshall - Why Don't You Love Me?Why am I lonelyYou're sitting right hereWhy am I talkingIt's like I'm talking to the

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