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undeniable生词本去背诵英 [ndnabl] 美 [ndnabl]adj.不可否认的,无法抵赖的; 无可争辩的; 确实优秀的; 无可疵议的网 络不可否认的;无可讳言;无可否认的;不可否认派生词:undeniably双语例句1. It is

undeniable英[ndnabl]美[ndnabl]adj. 不可否认的,无法抵赖的;无可争辩的;确实优秀的;无可疵议的[例句]But the energy and effort I put in is undeniable.然而我所付出的精力和努力是不可否认的.您好,答题不易如有帮助请采纳,谢谢

词根: deny派生: deniable ; denial ; undeniable

With the rapid development of our country in recent years,the number of rural upon them and always find fault with them.It's undeniable that many problems emerged with

歌曲名:Undeniable歌手:Deborah Allen专辑:Delta DreamlandMAT KEARNEY - UndeniableAlbum : Nothing Left To Lose (2006)It's undeniable how brilliant you areIn an unreliable world you shine like a starIt's unforgettable now that we've come

Undeniable歌手:Katelyn TarverI don′t know where you came fromI don′t know howYou got underneath my skinI can′t get you outWhy can′t I hang onto my sensesI try and I try but itdon′t make no difference it′sIllogical, uncontrollable,impossible

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