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可数的~I have a tussle to get the knife off him.我与他扭打一阵才把刀子夺下.

朋友,应该是tusslen. 扭打, 斗争, 论争1. They began to tussle with each other for the coins.他们为争夺硬币扭打起来. 2. I have a tussle to get the knife off him.我与他扭打一阵才把刀子夺下. 3. I had a tussle to get the knife off him.我与他扭打一

试试,字母形象记忆. 比如:tussle,可以从字母上看做踢(t)、咬(u)、撕(s)、撕(s)、烂了(le),意思就是扭打、争斗. gush从字母上看做啤酒(g)、咬(u)、喷泉(sh),意思就是喷涌.一点当年背单词的建议.


whoopee [英][wpi:][美][hwpi, wpi, hwupi, wu-] int.表示兴奋激动的心情时的叫声; n.狂欢; 欢闹; 欢庆; 喧闹; 网络 欢呼声; 例句:1 There are also theories of dialogues focus on the interactive action between reader and the

assisted suiciden.协助自杀网络释义:辅助自杀;安乐死;助理自杀例句1.But the tussle over assisted suicide will not go away.但是围绕协助自杀的争论远未结束.2.the Supreme Court strongly opposes physician-assisted suicide.最高法院强烈反对医助自杀.3.About 200 people commit assisted suicide each year in Zurich.每年大约有200人在苏黎世选择协助自杀.


DOG FIGHT: vt. 混战例句与用法: 1. The plane may be slightly slower but it can turn dogfight2. disorderly fighting同义词:hassle, scuffle, tussle, dogfight, rough-and-tumble

If we'd been up against each other it could have been a good tussle!如果我们能面对面对抗,那将是一场很好的争斗.前后均为虚拟语气,没有发生的事

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