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tolerance 1.宽容,容忍,忍受,宽恕2.忍耐力; 忍受性; 耐力; 耐量3.偏差,公差,容限toleration1.容忍,宽容2.默认3.信仰自由4.(对药物等效应的)耐受性词性和部分意思不一样而已,用法如下:He preached toleration for al

About Wolves Wolves are the epitome of evil beasts, notorious for killing people, livestock and game. This attitude arose from fear and ignorance about wolves. Butscientists researching wolves in recent years find the wolf is a surprisingly different

congo 刚果

最早的欧洲人 最早到达北美的欧洲人至少是有证可寻的第一批欧洲人来自挪威.红魔埃里克(Erik the Red)在公元985年前后在格陵兰(Greenland)建立了一个定居点,并从那里向西航行.据认为,1001年,他的儿子雷夫(Leif)已

这是拿破仑的简介,记得给分奥Napoleon I Emperor of the French1769 - 1821“Ambition is never content, even on the summit of greatness.”Napieve it by taking power in his own hands. However, in the states he created, Napoleon

Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi 在加州的一次会议上,从伊斯兰教的角度来讨论Unity一致 and Diversity分歧,harmony和谐, tolerance忍让 and peace和平. 他在讲话的一开始就说,他认为是可以在不同中求一致have unity with diversity.他还提到各宗教

Human Beings Are Part of Nature Human beings and nature are interactive (相互作用的) forces. Looking back along the river of history, we may find that harmony used to exist betwe

1. passing时间的流逝2.shortened缩短了3.excitement4.costly昂贵的,成本很高的5.location 地点,位置6.poisonous有毒的7.useless无效的8.majority大多数,这里指大多数人9.toleration容忍,忍耐,10.destructive他非常善于对某些言论给予致命性的攻击

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