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歌词有点晦涩,我理解就是“沉默的力量”和沉默的哑忍,有的人有想法却不敢说,但是这种想法慢慢继续就会成为一种力量,一种无形的抵抗,终究会爆发出来.歌词翻译如下.The Sound of Silence 寂静之声 Hello darkness, my old friend 你

Sound Of Silence 寂静之声(歌曲名称) THE SOUND OF SILENCE 寂静之声(《毕业生》主题曲) 在1967年作为美国电影《毕业生》的主题歌,非常受欢迎.本来是3年前,莎尔蒙和卡尔方灌制的曲子,迪夫-古鲁吉把这首曲子巧妙地电影音

hello darkness, my old friend, i've come to talk with you again, because a vision softly creeping, left its seeds while i was sleeping, and the vision that was planted in my brain still remains within the sound of silence. in restless dreams i walked

静寂之声 采纳我哟!

This song was created in 1960s, which was a troubled times for America. Having created such well konwn and thought-provoking song "The Sound Of Silence" for the


The sound of silence-Simon & Garfunkel 寂静之声(西蒙&加丰凯尔)[毕业生] Hello darkness my old friend.嘿,黑夜啊,我的老友.I've come 2 talk with U again.我又来找你聊天了.Because a vision softly creeping.因为有个幻影轻轻爬进来.

《The Sound of Silence》(寂静之声) 歌词: Hello darkness, my old friend, 你好,黑暗,我的老友 I've come to talk with you again, 我又来同你谈一谈 Because a vision softly creeping, 因为一种幻觉悄悄来临 Left its seeds while I was

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