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slept英 [slept] 美 [slept] v.睡觉( sleep的过去式和过去分词 )-- He slept eight hours. 他睡了八个小时.-- I only slept about half an hour that night. 我那天晚上只睡了大约半个小时.-- Their boat blew up as they slept. 他们睡觉的时候船爆炸了.-- I

She spent twohours doing her homework last night.

造句:I have slept for eight hours.翻译:我已经睡了八个小时了.

你好!!slept:I slept at 9:00 p.m. last night.took:He took the book to me yesterday.threw:She threw the rubbish on the floor.wrote:I wrote a letter to her last month.sat:Mary sat here with her classmate yesterday.

I slept during the football game. 足球比赛的时候我睡觉.2.When the chimps slept close by, I stayed up in the mountains near them. 当大猩猩在附近睡觉的时候,我就会留在靠近它们的地方.3.Soldiers in fatigues loitered by the vehicles or slept

confusing 英 [kn'fjuz]美 adj. 混乱的;混淆的;令人困惑的 v. 使迷惑;使混乱不清;使困窘(confuse的ing形式) 例句:1. The uncertainty created by this situation must be confusing for you.这种局面所造成的不确定性肯定让你感到困惑.

After two hours,he finished his task.这个句子可以吗?hour是小时的意思,两小时后,他完成了任务

I'm fourteen years old. 我14岁.He spent the last fourteen years of his life in retirement 他一生中最后的14年是在退休中度过的.He had slept for over fourteen hours, and his system seemed to have recuperatedadmirably 他已睡了超过14个小时了,他的身体恢复得很不错.She had rented the flat from the council some fourteen months previously. 大约14个月以前,她从地方政府那里租下了这套公寓.

连词成句 slept /I/all/stayed/weekend/at/and/home 谢谢答案:I stayed at home and slept all weekened. 句子翻译:我整个周末都呆在家睡觉.

I went to sleep immediately and slept soundly all night. 我很快就入睡了,而且整个晚上都睡得很好. She sleeps lightly. (或:She is easily roused from sleep.) 她睡觉很容易被惊醒. She is very lazy. She likes to sleep. She is always sleeping in class. 她非常懒,她喜欢睡觉,她老是在课堂上睡觉.

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