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signs的意思:1、n.迹象;征兆;预兆;招牌;标牌;指示牌;标志;示意的动作(或声音);手势2、v.签(名);署(名);签字;签署;和…签约(或应聘);示意;打手势 signs df 英 [sanz] 美 [sanz] sign的第三人称单数和复数 短语:

标志 记号

sign[sain]n.标记, 符号, 记号, 征兆, 迹象, 征候v.签名(于), 署名(于)~, 签署signsignAHD:[sn] D.J.[sain]K.K.[sa!n]n.(名词)Something that suggests the presence or existence of a fact, condition, or quality.标志:显示事实、情况

signs英 [sanz]美 [sanz]n. 标志;符号(sign的复数)v. 签字;预示;写下;用手势表示(sign的三单形式)

《sings》 There are a lot of signs in the world. There are restraunt signs,toilet signs,traffic signs and a lot of other sorts of signs for other uses. Everywhere we can find them.Some are in the restraunt and Some are in the park.They are very useful because they can tell us what must we do.

sign [san]n. 记号, 符号; 招牌; 标志; 标牌; 前兆v. 签; 签名于, 签署; 写下; 签字, 署名; 做手势示意

你好!标志 信号打字不易,采纳哦!

i talk a little louderwhen you're close to mecan't stay focus you areall i seedid you ever wonderwhy l stick aroundwhen your wholeworld crashes andyou hit the groundand i, standing heretill i, made it clear25 signs and you stillcan't see25 times you

歌曲名:Signs歌手:Creed专辑:WeatheredCreed - SignsThis is not about ageTime served on the earthDoesn't mean you grow in mindGrow in mindThis is not about GodSpiritual insinuations seem to shock our nationOur nation, yeahCome with

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