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glove 英[glv] 美[lv] n. 手套;棒球手套;拳击手套 vt. 给…戴手套;用…的手套 第三人称单数:gloves;过去分词:gloved;名词复数:gloves;现在分词:g [例句]I get my glove stuck in the winch . Johann sighs.我的手套被绞索卡住了,约翰叹息起来.

sighs 英[saz] 美[saz] n. 叹息,叹气( sigh的名词复数 ); v. 叹息道; 叹气,叹息( sigh的第三人称单数 ); 悲鸣; 叹着气说; [网络] 叹息; 叹口气; 叹气; [例句]'They were divine,' she sighs, dreamily.“他们是神圣的,”她神情恍惚地叹了口气.



symbol一般是指象征意义性的标志,可是实物也有可能是虚有的;主要指作象征或表达某种深邃意蕴的特殊事物.如: He only bought the yacht as a status symbol he hates sailing.他买游艇只是为了显示身分--其实他根本不喜欢玩游艇.sign 普通用词,指人们公认事物的记号,也可指某种情况的征兆.多指不可见的,很常见的一句话“give me a sign" Dark clouds are a sign of rain or snow.乌云是雨或雪将至的预兆.希望能够帮到你

【演唱】菲丝特(Feist) 【专辑】The Reminder 【歌曲名】1234 英文歌词 one, two, three, four, tell me that you love me more. sleepless, long nights. sighs, what my youth was for. oh, teenage hopes arrive at your door left you with nothing, but they

我如果爱你 绝不像攀援的凌霄花, 借你的高枝炫耀自己; 我如果爱你 绝不学痴情的鸟儿, 为绿荫重复单调的歌曲; 也不止像泉源, 常年送来清凉的慰籍; 也不止像险峰, 增加你的高度, 衬托你的威仪. 甚至日光. 甚至春雨. 不,

Sign around us.With more rules existing, signs are becoming common to everybody.It is easy for us to find the "no somoking" signs on the underground and in theatres.Moreover, there are signs stand for different directions on the road and

feist 1234歌词one, two, three, four,tell me that you love me more.sleepless, long nights.sighs, what my youth was for.oh, teenage hopesarrive at your doorleft you with nothing,

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