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relic 英[relk] 美[rlk] n. 遗物,遗迹;废墟;纪念物;[古生物]残遗体 名词复数:relics [例句]A relic of the soviet invasion sits near the road.图中在路边矗立着一处苏联入侵的遗迹.

relics n. 遗迹;遗骸;纪念物(relic的复数)

relic n. 遗物, 遗迹, 废墟, 纪念物 heritage n. 遗产, 继承权, 传统 relic还可引申为老古董的意思,世界遗产名录中的遗产指heritage

relics 文物 n. 遗迹;遗骸;纪念物(relic的复数)

cultural relics 文物 文化遗产;文化遗迹;文物古迹例句筛选1.Cultural relics auction markets must be standardized in accordance with law.要依法规范文物拍卖市场.2.They exhibited unearthed cultural relics of the Han Dynasty .他们展览了出土的汉代文物.

Big relics are all kinds of remains that ancient people left.大遗址是指古代遗留下来的各种基址.

According to the provincial cultural relics Bureau the latest verification statistics, released by the State Council recently approved 1080 in the sixth batch of national key cultural relic protection units of the Shanxi 152 immovable cultural relics listed, 14.

culture relics 更倾向于文化方面的遗迹或文化习俗的传承具有一定的价值,relics则为遗物,可以没有价值

可数~relics 遗迹;遗骸;纪念物Wearing them probably just for fun,". The ban includes a number of exemptions for artists,educators and collectors of communist relics.---VOA

There are many historical sites in China. Majority of people think it's important to protect them. They are important to attract foreign travellers to come and promote the development of economy. Minority of people think they are too old. It will cost too

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