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relevant documents相关文件; 相关文档; 有关文件; 相关单据I think there was deliberate concealment of relevant documents.我认为有人故意隐瞒相关文件.

relevant [英][relvnt][美][rlvnt] adj.有关的,中肯的; 相关联的; 确切的; 有重大意义[作用]的,实质性的; link [英][lk][美][lk] n.环,节; [计算机]

subjects[英]['sbdkts] [美]['sbdkts] 生词本简明释义n.主题( subject的名词复数 );话题;主语;学科v.提交( subject的第三人称单数 );使经受;使遭受;使服从以下结果由 金山词霸 提供柯林斯高阶英汉词典 网络释义the noun

also[英][':ls] [美][lso] 简明释义:adv.也;同样;并且;conj.另外 adv.而且;还;此外1. 例:You can use also to give more information about a person or thing, or to add another relevant fact.2. It is the work of Ivor Roberts-Jones, who also

biting cold and the rich /, the hawkers calling out to passers-by bundled head-to-toe in woolen coats and boots. And at the end, present and future visit Scrooge and help him see how his behaviour has impacted on his life; said Scrooge. It was so

这些都是你找不到的:1 Do I need to give an introductory synopsis to this story? A Christmas Carol has been done over and over and over and Whether it has been done as a movie, a stage play, or in a TV show (for example, I saw both "

study hard

如果系想返1-5既学校~~读工商管理 + 财务课程丫.add我msn:shing0908@hotmail.com

Read "a Christmas Carol" feeling MakingMaking "a Christmas Carol" is the title of the book read mysummer vacation, see this son, give me the first impression of this book describes the beauty of Foreign Christmas, customs book.But I was

CITIC is now coordinating with the Customs on modifying the name.Custom officials have already present the proposal to the relevent apartment. We are waiting for the approval and confirmation.But the final result hasn't come out yet.

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