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punctuation[英][pktuen][美][pktuen]n.标点符号; 标点符号的使用; 标点法; 点标点; 网络标点符号; 标点; 双语例句 1He was known for his poor grammar and punctuation.他不通语法和乱用标点是出了名的.

punctuation美 [.pktu'e()n]英 [.pktu'e()n]n.标点符号;标点符号用法 标点法;标点符号的使用;全部标点符号例句筛选1.You need to put a punctuation mark at the end of every sentence.你得在每个句子的结尾打上标点符号.2.Computers do not know about letters, punctuation, or sentences.计算机不懂得字母,标点还是句子.

可数punctuations 标点

punctuation主要是指标点符号这样一种方法,punctuation mark指具体的某一个或一种标点符号In order to clarify the ideal,you use punctuation in your text.There are many punctuation marks that we have never seen before.

不可数吧 punctuation 英[pktuen] 美[pktuen] n. 标点符号; 标点符号的使用; 标点法; 点标点; [例句]He was known for his poor grammar and punctuation.他不通语法和乱用标点是出了名的.

句点(Full Stop / Period,“.”) 问号(Question Mark,“?”) 感叹号(Exclamation Mark,“!”) 逗点(Comma,“,”) 冒号(Colon,“:”) 分号(Semicolon,“;”) 连字符(Hyphen,“-”) 连接号(En Dash,“”) 破折号(Em Dash,“”) 括号(Parentheses,小括号“( )”;中括号“[]”;大括号“{}”) 引号(Quotation Marks,双引号“"”;单引号“'”) 缩写及所有格符号(Apostrophe,“'”)

现代商务书信经常省略信文以外所有的逗号和其他没有功能的标点符号,英文中称之为“open punctuation”

punctuation1. A punctuation mark(, ) used to indicate a separation of ideas or of elements within the structure of a sentence.逗号一种标点符号(, ), 用于表示句子结构内思想或要素的分开 2. A written or printed symbol used for punctuation; a

punctuation 正如你所说的,它是uncountable noun(不可数名词),又可以称之为:mass noun(物质名词).严格地说它不应该有复数形式.如果你看到它的复数形式,请注意一下是否是不正规刊物上出现的.

punctuation marksn.“punctuation mark”的复数标点符号;英文标点符号;注意标点符号例句1.Other punctuation marks are not allowed in names.名字中不能出现其他标点符号.2.You can combine fields and separate them with punctuation

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