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previewing 英['pri:vju:]美['pri:vju:] n. 预视 v. 预映( preview的现在分词 ); 为(影视节目)写预评; 概述; 扼要介绍 预检; 预观察 1 by combining the feedback navigation information with the current navigation information and the

凡是preview有的意思.vuen.(名词)An advance showing.viewspre.vuesTo view or exhibit in advance.预看,预(试)展预告片:预先观看或展览,尤指放映即将公映的影片中的几个镜头以作宣传;(电影,电视等)的预告片An introductory or preliminary message,previewing都有,也都同能表示该意思

I have never learned as much maths in my life as I did last year.It was because of Ms. D.drank31.A.expected B.received C.wished D.hoped32.A.previewing B.reviewing C.

a habit is something that you do often or regularly almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing.good habits of learning, such as previewing what you will study, listening to teachers attentively in class, completing given


whoops,there was a problem previewing this documentwhoops,there was a problem previewing this document哎呀,有一个问题预览此文件

BDB 小题1:根据“Here are two skills that I think are especially good.这有两种我认为特别不错的读书方法”这句话,可知作者介绍了两种读书方法,选B.小题2:根据“Preview if it's long and hard.”简读如果文章又长又难.及下文“Read the first two paragraphs and the last two paragraphs carefully.”认真读开头两段和结尾两段.可知选D.小题3:根据“Skim - if it's short and simple.”略读-如果文章又短又简单,可知选B.

Many people have their good habits and bad habits and so do I.My good habits are as follows: I usually get up early in the morning and sleep early at night . It is good for my health . I aslo like playing table tennis in the afternoon ,It makes me happy

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