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no one and you 无人及你 下一句是you are the only 你是唯一


意思是:除了你之外没有人.重点词汇解释 but 英 [bt] 美 [bt] conj. 但是 prep. 除以外 adv. 仅仅;只 pron. 无不 例句:Our world is but a small part of the cosmos.翻译:我们的世界仅仅是宇宙的一小部分而已.用法 conj. (连词)1、but的

No One But You 歌手:Queen 作词:Queen 作曲:Queen 歌词:A hand above the water 手划过水面之上 An angel reaching the sky 天使飞抵天空 Is it raining in Heaven 天堂在下雨吗 Do you want us to cry?你要我们流泪吗 And everywhere the

除了你之外没有人 No one buy you 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳,如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

you are the one for me 你是我唯一的爱 你是我的梦中情人 you are the one for me this new year and for many new years to come. 在此新年和未来的每一个新年里,你都是我唯一的爱.

No One Key:-"a" - anita "r" - ray R: i've been searching a long time and i just don't know 我已经找了很久 而我只是不明白 I try to catch solutions, i try to catch the flow 我试着寻找答案 我试着跟上潮水 Thoughts running through my mind, maybe

you are the one 你是最好的!

歌曲名:Nobody But You 歌手:Backstreet Boys 专辑:Backstreet Boys Nobody But You Backstreet Boys Ain't nobody else but you Ain't nobody else but you Ain't nobody else but you There is nobody Who can make me cry Nobody else can do it

Nothing On You 歌手: 邓福如 所属专辑:《原来如此》Beautiful girls all over the world.Beautiful girls all over the world.I could be chasing but my time will be wasted.I could be chasing but my time will be wasted.They got nothin' on you baby.They got

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