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这是英文简单资料,如果你有诚意给我加分,我可以给你更详细的,并翻译:Tor Books Tor Books is an imprint of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC which publishes popular fiction, and is particularly noted for its science fiction and fantasy titles. Tom

在google上搜寻了一下.原句应该是:General nonfiction comes next, taking up 18.2%, while books concerning science,technology and education take up only 10.8%. 谓语动词在任何时候都不能省略, 句子可以没有主语,没有宾语,但是不能没有谓语.希望帮助到你.


These days, it seems as if half the books in bookstores have the word "best seller" or some variant on the cover or the flap copy, as in "the best-selling author of " But what does that mean? About as much as the phrase "original recipe"

i like to read a lot of book. The kind of book i like better is nonfiction. i like this kind of book better because it provides many information u need to know at life. Reading nonfiction books can help me a lot. It helps me to do my homework. whenever i

2014-2015学年下学期高一课标第47期参考答案及解析Book 4 Unit 2 参考答案及部分解析参考答案1-5 ACCCB 6-10AABCB 11-15 CBABB 16-20CCBCA 21-25 BCADD 26-30 BBDCD31-35 CACAC 36-40GFBDC 41-45 CDADC 46-50DBABC

Dana always had ahard time trying to decide what to read. She loved mysteries (悬疑小说), but picking one was difficult. There were so many good ones! Some students at Dana's school had a book club called Ready Readers. They read books

读书的好处很多. 读书养性,读书可以陶冶自己的性情,使自己温文尔雅,具有书卷气;读书破万卷,下笔如有神,多读书可以提高写作能力,写文章就才思敏捷;旧书不厌百回读,熟读深思子自知,读书可以提高理解能力,只要熟读深思,你就可以知道其中的道理了;读书可以使自己的知识得到积累,君子学以聚之.总之,爱好读书是好事.让我们都来读书吧 读书的好处有很多.我给你介绍以下几点: 1.可以使我们增长见识,不出门,便可知天下事. 2.可提高我们的阅读能力和写作水平. 3.可以使我们变的有修养. 4.可以使我们找到好工作. 5.可以使我们在竞争激烈的社会立于不败之地. 其实读书有很多好处,就等有心人去慢慢发现.

Silent Spring is a book written by Rachel Carson and published by Houghton Mifflin in September 1962. The book is widely credited with helping launch the environmental movement.[1]When Silent Spring was published, Rachel Carson was already

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