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extensive metabolizers生词本[医]泛代谢者 报 错extensive metabolizers生词本[医]泛代谢者 报 错

expectant mother英 [kspektnt m] 美 [kspktnt m]n.孕妇孕妇;bai准妈妈;待产妇女;待产妇双语例句1. An expectant mother with a first baby should avoid such a strain. 一个du即将做母亲的初产妇,应该避免这样

Free radicals can damage vital cell components, and our bodies produce them naturally as we metabolize food. So, it stands to reason if we eat lots and lots of food, we'll

supports the body's natural ability to metabolize alcohol支持身体自然代谢酒精的能力.

应该是自律循环保湿乳液 3号,自律循环液(ME)是IPSA的明星产品,上面一个网友写的更生活化乳液是香港那边的叫法,所以你在官网查不到的.3号是适合中性缺水但是油分多的皮肤的,能够控油补水,调节水油平衡很不错的.

Ipsa 有几样野都OK好用最常回购既有 metabolizer, clay mask, aqua clear gel, cleansing foam,metabolizer 好保湿, 好清爽, 改善到皮肤暗哑问题, 有光泽左,Clay mask清到黑头, 不刺激, 敏感肌都岩用,Aqua clear gel 又系好保湿, 上妆前用一流,Cleansing foam 洗得都好干净, 不会乾, 味道几好闻.粉底都不错, 几夹我D皮肤.最正就系他地个皮肤测试, 我都系去test完, 先知道自己系咩皮肤, 先开始用他地D野.

natural ingredients的意思天然成分;自然材料例句:双语英语1.Composition of natural ingredients varies. 天然成分组成而变化.2.Our products contain only natural ingredients. 我们的产品含有的成分全是天然的.3.We prepare handmade loaves

[图文] They're taking up bicycling. Over hills and down mountainsill have the same satiety.” What gives protein its caloric edge? It's more difficult for the body to metabolize protein than either fat or


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