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made for 英[meɪd fɔ:] 美[med fɔr] [词典] 非常合适的; [例句]An appeal is being made for help for those who lost their homes in the earthquake. 正在呼吁援助在地震中失去家园的人们。

这句出自海明威《老人与海》的经典句子的原文是:“But man is not made for defeat,” he said. “A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” 其中defeat的意义为:1. 战胜,击败 2. 使失败,挫败 destroy的意思为:1. 毁坏,破坏 2. 杀死,消灭 那么...

be made for 英[bi: meɪd fɔ:] 美[bi med fɔr] [释义] 最理想的,最适宜的; [网络] 最适宜的; 最理想的,最适宜的; 最理想的; [例句]Special provision should be made for children. 应给孩子在经济上专门作好安排。

made for 原意是“为X 打造”;made for all 意思是“适合所有人/妇幼,老少皆宜”。

make for 1. 为…定做: I made some new curtains for the living room. 向…快速前进: After the concert, the crowd made for the door. 3. 有利于: The plan might make for the friends.

be make in,be make of,be make from 之间的区别与用法 1、be made in 主要谈生产地,后面接地名 eg. Her dress is makes in Italy. 她的连衣裙是意大利式的。 2、be make of和be make from的区别: (1)be make of表示能从物质的表面看出其...

be made for 英 [bi: meɪd fɔ:] 美 [bi med fɔr] 词典 最理想的,最适宜的 . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

1 职务作品 职务作品(work made for hire),是指雇员在雇佣关系下所创作的作品。一般职务作品著作权归个人,但是像工程设计图,产品设计图,地图,计算机软件等职务作品,... 基于11个网页-相关网页 2 雇佣作品 这类作品在美国版权法中称为雇...

made for you made for you 网络解释 1. 为你打造 01. Made For You / 为你打造 | 02. All The Right Moves / 准确行动 | 03. Secrets / 秘密 2. 为你打造 共和世代 1 Made For You 为你打造 共和世代 | 2 All The Right Moves 正确行动 共和世...

made for music 为音乐二制作的 如: The jacket was one of the two copies made for the music video. 这件夹克是为该音乐录像带制作的两件夹克之一。

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