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landowner [lndon(r)]释义:地主;土地所有者.例句:1.The county licensed the landowners to fish these waters.该县允许土地所有人在那些水域捕鱼.2.It was to discourage concentration of property in the hands of a few greatlandowners.它目的是阻止财产向少数大地主手里集中.

区别是:land at指的是(使)着陆[登陆], 到达.disembark at指的是上岸.例句辨析:land at1、You can watch aircraft take off or land at close quarters.你可以近距离观察飞机的起降.

on holiday在度假:on vacationon holidayon holidays例句:如果是偷猎者,他们可能知道这片土地的主人当时在度假.If they were poachers they perhaps knew the landowners were on holiday明天我们将出发去马来西亚. 在度假八天之后,我们又成了旅行者.Tomorrow we head into Malaysia and after eight days on holiday we become travellers again

i went out for a walk with my mother last night.then we came across a foreigner on the road,who asked us the way to the spa hotel.i told him to walk along the road until the third turning and then turn left so he couldn't miss the it.he said ,"thanks for


treat [tri:t] n. 宴飨,款待 v. 视为,对待,处理,治疗 1. This meal is my treat, so put your money away. 这顿饭我请客,你把钱收起来吧. 2. This boy is being treated for a heart condition. 这个男孩正在接受心脏病治疗. 3. My mother

property of 财产网络 特性为;[例句]The Bolsheviks expropriated the property of the landowners.布尔什维克征收了地主的财产.

locally 英[lkl] 美[lokl] 基本释义adv. 1.在附近;在本地;当地地;本地地 2.局部地 副词 adv.1.在附近;在本地;当地地;本地地 mining iron ore locally在当地开采铁矿fruit and vegetables that are produced locally本地产的水果与蔬

您好,in which在从句中指的就是where祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!


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