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你好!get inflamed是发炎,中国人说的上火的意思而get angry是生气,指有火气的意思打字不易,采纳哦!

小朋友,估计你又打错字了警告无脑管理员,请不要恶意关闭回答!anger n. 愤怒His charges were met with cries of anger.他的指控遭到一阵愤怒的反对声.His face was inflamed with anger.他的脸因愤怒而涨得通红.怒火He was inflamed with


angry 是单只情感上的发怒 生气 mad 程度更深 使人感到疯狂 无可救药 的情绪


become [bkm],中文谐音:笔卡目vi.变得; 变成; 变为,成为;vt.变成; 适合,适宜; 相称,相当; 发生例句:the wound has become inflamed.伤口发炎了.第三人称单数:becomes ;过去分词:become ;现在分词:becoming ;过去式:became .

other than 不同于, 除了,与…不同;与…不同方式there's nobody here other than me.除了我这里没别人.you can't get there other than by swimming.你只能靠游泳游到那边去.rather than 用来表示“是而不是”,通常连接两个并列成分eg:he is an artist rather than a philosopher. 他是位艺术家而不是位哲学家.

have words with sb. 是习惯用语,意为与某人吵嘴 例如:Kirk never has words with his neighbours. Inflamed by sb's words 被某人的话惹得怒火中烧

A soothing antiseptic gel for the treatment of inflamed gums and mouth tissue舒缓抗菌凝胶用于治疗发炎的牙龈和口腔组织

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