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How nice the weather is

how beautiful you are how wonderful It is how cute the cat is how nice the day is how happy I am


《how+形容词+主语+谓语!》(1) How tall you are !(2) How clever she is !(3) How courageous they are !(4) How high those buildings are !(5) How naughty the little boy is !(6) How beautiful the house is !《how+副词+主语+谓语!》(1) How

How beautiful she is!她多么漂亮!你说的这种造句多数是how引导的感叹句


用复数 are送你另一个例子~no two people think alike.牛津字典(某版) p994

你好!急急…感叹句中不是how +adj /adv +主语+谓语 吗?可how heavily it is raining !中:主语是it, 谓语is raining.因为is raining是【现在进行时】.句意是:“现在雨下得多么大啊”!希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

how加形容词加a an加名词主语谓语动词 你说的是感叹句吧,例如: How funny a story he told us just now !

what a lovely bird !how lovely the bird is !

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