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have a drink:喝一杯;喝点饮料;喝点东西 例句: 1.No! He said we are scared. Afterward if xx ask you what we have done, you justsay that we bring you to have a drink, understand? 没有埃他说我们很怕埃等下xx问你我们做什么,你说我...

你说是对的,let's go and have a drink也对 但是侧重点不一样 let's go to have a drink 侧重点在于have a drink 喝一杯,去的目的就是为了喝一杯 let's go and have a drink 里面go 和 have a drink 是并列的,表示我们走,并且要喝一杯


选择A这道题是2013年河北省初中毕业考试题,第30题。 在anything 和 something 之间纠结时,首先看,是 肯定句 还是 否定句/疑问句。肯定句用something, 否定句/疑问句 则用 anything. 但是有特例。疑问句中,发问的人表示肯定意愿时,不用anyth...


have a drink 喝一杯 双语例句 1 Here's some boiled water. Have a drink whenever you're thirsty. 这里有开水,渴了请随便喝。 2 Would you care to have a drink in the lounge while you are waiting? 您可以先在大厅室里喝杯饮料。

你好! have a drink 喝一杯

用drink更加合适,但是如果不想出错,have也可用,原因如下: 吃饭时喝汤是中国人的饮食习惯。在英语里,“汤”绝对不能“喝”,就是说,drink(喝)不能和soup(汤)搭配,不能说drink soup(喝汤)。英语习惯说“吃汤”(eat soup)。这主要有以下几...

Whiskey, gin and brandy With a glass Im pretty handy Im trying to walk a straight line On sour mash and cheap wine So join me for a drink boys Were gonna make a big noise So dont worry about tomorrow Take it today Forget about ...


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