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golDEn sky 嶄猟頁啄吭房亜?

golden KK: [] DJ: [] a. 1. 署弼議,署仔弼議;仔署違議 She has bright golden hair. 慢嗤匯遊苧疏議署窟。 2. 署議;署崙議 This is a golden crown. 宸頁倖署崙議司酵。 3. 蒸挫議,寇酷議,酷嶷議 You have a golden opportunity to travel and ...

Reach for the sky 晩猟、嶄猟梧簡式袋瀧憧咄: いたずらに 狛ぎていく扮寂が 知へと 送れ竃す 痴わずに 苧晩を僉んでいける そんなふうに 房えるよう Lしきれない この欒屬 寄腎に宙きだす Reach for the golden ring Reach for the sky 書す...

golden住峠 sky縮貎 goldensky=殖殖殖

golden sky 署弼議爺 let us fly-ay-ay-ay la-di-da-di-da-di-dah 斑厘断敬 性 爲 獪 爲 獪 爲 獪 爲 to the golden sky 欺椎署弼議爺貧貧円宸曾鞘栽軟栖心 祥頁斑厘断匯軟敬欺椎署弼議爺貧 it's the paradise of smile 椎頁爺銘 where th...

低傍議椎遍梧議嶄猟井哘乎祥頁ゞ寄耳寄旋嶄忽定〃柾埣議ゞ寄社匯軟栖〃才椎倖欠鯉載猖藤哂猟井頁才ゞGolden Sky〃議圻蟹頁匯倖繁遇拝哂猟井議兆忖祥頁ゞ笹魚〃音岑祇頁音頁低孀議


butterfly効golden sky蝕遊載顳氏範危

sky(哂猟disco紗酔井) 件玲湘爺及眉蝕魁紗酔井 Around The World kissy kissy la la love boom boom boom boom Butterfly Smile.dk議凪麿珊嗤載謹梧爆祥音亟炙 Doar Cu Tine

梧兆butterfly smile 梧簡 Ay,Iyaiyai Ay,Iyaiyai Ay,Iyaiyai Wheres my samural? Ive been searching for a man Allacross japan Just to find,to find my samural Someone who is strong But still a little shy Yes I need,I need my...

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