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accessories 英[k'sesrz]美[k'sesrz]n. 附件; 附件( accessory的名词复数 ); (衣服的) 配饰; 从犯; 妇女饰品;[网络] 饰品; 付属品; 配件类;[例句]All required'royal'a-a shop fittings accessories for built-in and loose fixtures furnitures.所有嵌入式和松散的固定装置和家具要求的“皇家牌”a-a商店设备和附件.[其他] 形近词: accessorily accessorize accessorone


选D 因为家具furniture不可数 这句的意思是日本人家中几乎没有家具.furniture [集合词] 家具; 器具 装置; 设备 a piece of furniture 一件家具 a lot of furniture 许多家具 属于不可数名词

furniture是一个不可数名词,后面用单数.一件家具用a piece of furniture; 许多家具是:many pieces of furniture 因此选D

你不给我要求,我就写了My Dream Room.Everyone has their dream,isn't it?This comfortable furnitures and good-smelled purfame,but the quiet it could give me.Living in

In the old days, I agree with you that the would end up in China.However, I think you agree that most of the furnitures are from China, because of their low cost. In the sense that, the Chinese can buy new furniture which should be cheaper than HK, as


12the cloth,改为the clothes,表示衣服,必须用复数形式.The Chinese are a hard-working people这里的people用成race更好,表示民族.


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