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I ran into trouble 我遇到困难 i got into trouble 我陷入困难 I solved the difficulties 我解决了困难


difficulties 意思是:困难!1.只有克服了困难 你才能学好英语!Only if you overcome difficulties can you learn English well!2.克服了困难,成功就不远了!Success is around the corner after you overcome any difficulies!3.What is the best way to

Mike has worked for the school with lifelong.

当我长大我想成为一名教师 i want to be a teacher when i grow up

庞大的人口也会对整个国家带来很多困难. A large population 作主语,cause作谓语,many diffculties作宾语,for the whole nation作宾补.

动词不定式做了句子的目的状语 这是一个完整的句子 没有从句

Whoever does it makes no difference;t lose confidence.3.we can find ways to overcome the difficulity.Once she begins to dance.2,she forgets the time1.As long as we don'

1.i did dinner at home yesterday.2.i went to the zoo last week with my father.3.my sister bought a new skirt in the mall yesterday.4.i met linda in the park last month.5.my father went to ==(随意地名拼音)yesterday by car.6.my brother found a dog in the garden yesterday.

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