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待翻译内容:eye contact翻译后内容:眼神沟通网络翻译,仅供参考!

n.1. 接触,触碰[U][(+with)]2. 交往;联系,联络[U][(+with)]He tried in vain to get into contact with the local branch.他试图与当地分部取得联络,但没有成功.3. 熟人,门路[C]He made contacts with wealthy people in raising money for the project.为

,contect 应该是contact,你错了一个字母 contact con.tact AHD:[kn“tkt”] D.J.[6k%n7t#kt] K.K.[6k$n7t#kt] n.(名词) A coming together or touching, as of objects or surfaces.接触:对(物体或表面的)一次靠近或接触 The state or condition

Eye contact眼神接触Throughout the history of mankind,people have communicate with body language.In many situations,the way you something is far more important than what you say.纵观人类历史,人们一直在利用肢体语言进行交流.在很多情


connect 英 [k'nekt] 美 [k'nkt] vt. 连接;联合;关连 vi. 连接,连结;联合 短语 Max Connect 最大连结 ; 最大连接数 ; 圆球光束连接 ; 最大连接 connect string 连接字符串 ; 连接串 Connect plate 连接片 ; 毗连片 同义词 vt.连接;

1.it will waste much time to wash your hair 2.the hair is growing everytime,and it will consume your nutrition.so that will have a bad influence on your intelligence. 3.it is hard for hair to contect with air and sunlight. 4.the long hair is easy to be hooked 5.waste more shampoo

一个很长学期的接触可以让你了解到谁是你忠诚的朋友,谁又不是,时间可以见证这点.time tries,就是时间见证的意思. 还有diatance tries 就是距离见证 您了解了吗

整句是这样的:Transport packaging with approx 2 sales unit contect.另外,下面这句也看不懂啊:18/Two-ply undulating corrugated cardboard, flute B/C.谢谢,先.

1.Advanced technology enables us to contact the people ten hundred miles away. 2.Beyond of my expectation,the man who is thought to be selfish offered me a lift 3.All the seats were occupied,I had no choice but to stand behind 4.He might tell the truth yesterday,because he dare not to offend the respectale teacher

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