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far from 1.远离The railway station isfar from here.火车站离这里很远.Shanghai is not far fromhere.上海离这儿不远.2.远远不;完全不;非但不…反而The present situation isfar from satisfactory though some progress has been made.虽然取得了

be confronted with v.面临,对照;碰到(困难) 例句1.The new system will be confronted with great difficulties at the start. 新体系开始时会遇到极大的困难.2.Shopping expenses are mainly shouldered by men and they will be confronted with

There is a spiderman.There is a snow white.There is a supermen.There is a wolf.


China are confronted with the arduous task,hence it is terribly important to do a good job中国正面临艰巨的任务,因此好好干是非常重要的.

1 confront sb with sth 使某人面对或正视令人不快 令人头疼等的人或者事物.例句:They confronted the prisoner with his accusers. 他们让犯人与原告对质..I am confronted with enormous difficulties.我面临着非常大的困难.2 be confronted

(青青)的(草地) (碧绿)的(油菜) (红红)的(苹果) (火红)的(太阳) (雪白)的(墙壁) (清清)的(小河)


1. Most of the failures we have in life are attached to a lack of control in finding our way to get through the challenges.生命中大多数的失败归咎于我们缺乏自我控制以寻找能通过挑战的方式.2. Please fill

Confronted with “面对,面临”,后面加某种情况,表示面对这种状况.we should take a serious of effective measures to cope with the situation.我们应该采取一系列认真有效的措施来处理这种状况.其中,take measures表示“采取措施”,serious有“严重的”意思,还可表示“认真的,严肃的”,cope with是“对付,处理”的意思.for one thing “一方面,首先”,For another “另一方面,其次”,Finally “最后”.这个模板是针对问题提出解决方案的.希望我的回答能帮助到你!

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