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terrific work的中文翻译 terrific work 了不起的工作 双语例句 1 You all provide great service and are terrific to work with. 你们全体提供了很棒的服务,可以极好地相处. 2 The piece is a terrific inside look at how we at fortune developed the annual

1 this car didn't cost me much money.2 I work as hard as I can and play as much as I like.play hard 不可表示尽情玩耍3 I hardly did anything today.应该用一般过去时4 I work hard,because I enjoy hard wor

1. work2. cheaper3. cities4. to have5. starts/ begins6. drinking7. another 3 students / 3 more students


没图啊是不是用所给单词造句?1.After work,I bought a book to write .下班后,我买了一个本用来写字.2.How about get her a album?给她一个相册怎么样?3.I get annoyed,because when I am reading,that boy is tal

初步工作前期工作准备工程准备工作preliminary: adj. 1.预备的;初步的,初级的. 2.序言性的,work: n. 1.工作,操作,劳动,作业;工件;功课;努力;行为

“be going to +动词”句型常表示将来打算、计划去做或者有意去做的事. I'm going to work .意为我打算去工作了.它的时态是一般将来时.人教版Go For It 中有一个单元专门讲这个时态的 8B U10 I'mgoing to be a basketball player. (希望对你有帮助)

bear---bore---borne/born---bearingwork---worked --worked---workingcook---cooked----cooked---cooking cooker 厨具 cook n. 厨师catch---caught---caught---catchinggive---gave---given---giving

次的. cheaper Joh 2:10 对他说:“zd人都是先摆上好酒,等客喝足了,专才摆上次的;你倒把好酒留到如今属!” Joh 2:10 and said, "Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now."

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