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cardiopathy 是名词.心脏病

cardiologyAny disorder or disease of the heart. In addition to heart disease of inflammatory origin, there are arteriosclerotic cardiopathy, due to arteriosclerosis, fatty cardiopathy, due to growth of fatty tissue, hypertensive cardiopathy, due to high

心脏病heart attack

心脏病1.HEART DISEASE2.a heart complaint3.cardiopathy4.heart trouble

你好, 所谓的高级词汇 就是那些出现频率比较高的单词 主要是动词 只要把它的用法记住 一些有关的短语记住就好了 满意别吝啬积分哦.

Harms of Heart Diseases Heart disease or cardiopathy is an umbrella term for a variety of diseases affecting the heart. Killing over 300 million people per year, has became a serious problem all over the world. Coronary heart disease refers to the

心脏病的不同表达:heart diseaseheart trouble cardiopathy cardiac disease heart seizure heart attack希望帮助到你,满意请采纳,o(∩_∩)o


窦性心动过速 [词典] [医] nodal tachycardia; [例句] Objective To observe the curative effect of Xinkeshu Tablets on sinus tachycardia ( ST) of inorganic cardiopathy.

heart attack heart disease 应该指心脏类疾病

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