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before造句 i have met him before.我以前见过他 i visited the temple (once) before .我以前去过那座庙 i had been there before.我 (在那时候) 以前到过那儿 he told me that he had met her the night before [three days before ].他告诉我他曾在那前一

I go to bed before five o 'clock every day 我每天五点之前去睡觉 你的采纳我的动力 很高兴能够帮助你 求采纳

Before the race, he is fine.赛前他状态很好.Before opening the front door he lifted the cases.在打开前门之前,他提起了那些箱子.Before entering the bathroom, he emptied his dirty laundry into the hamper.进浴室前,他把脏衣服全都放进洗衣筐

after giving her a hug at the train station, we went for canoeing before sun set.

before i went to school ,i used to play with my brother.

It wont't be long before I come to see you!我过不了多久就来看你!It will be long before I have access to this firm.我还要很久才有资格进入该公司.Before you go to bed,you should finish your homework.你应该在睡觉前把作业做完.I didn't understand what she said before you told me.在你告诉我之前我都不知道她在说什么.Don't eat snacks before breakfast!早餐前不要乱吃零食.

你好!You must finish your dinner before you leave the table.你必须把饭吃完后才能离开桌子.打字不易,采纳哦!

I go to bed before five o 'clock every day 我每天五点之前去睡觉 你的采纳我的动力很高兴能够帮助你

before1、prep.在…之前; 先于,优于; 当着…的面; 与其…; Annie was born a few weeks before Christmas安妮出生在圣诞节前几周.2、conj.在…之前; 在…以前; 比…早些; 与其…; He spent his early life in Sri Lanka before moving to England在移居英格兰之前,他早年是在斯里兰卡度过的3、adv.先前,从前; 在前,在前方; The war had ended only a month or so before.战争大约一个月前才刚刚结束

1.He rushed out of the room before I could say a word.2.You must find his book befor he comes here.

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