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BE likEly to什么意思

be likely to [英][bi: laikli tu:][美][bi lakli tu] 可能; 例句:1.Government policies to reduce ghg emissions would be likely to further reduce thereturns of these projects. " 政府的减排政策很可能进一步降低这些项目的回报率.”2.A revival of

be likely to do sth 译为有可能做某事 be likely to do 像做一些事 likely作形容词 例句:That 's likely to be a tough sell.这款产品很可能不好卖.likely do sth .译为大概..likely do相似的做事 likely做副词,主要用在most,或者very的后面.例句:They'll very likely come by car.他们很有可能会开车来.

be likely to 翻译: 很可能 可能; 倾向于; 很可能

be likely to do表示“可能做某事”,不定式to do无法跟前面的系表结构分离出去而单独做成分,因为它在表意上,跟系表融为一体,不可分割.例如:It seemed to Rosicky that for good, honest boys like his, the worst they could do on the farm was

be likely to do 可能作某事的意思

He's likely to go abroad.他很有可能出国.It's likely that he will go abroad.他很有可能出国

be likely to 倾向于,很有可能网络释义 可能 倾向于 很可能 有可能为你解答,敬请采纳.如对本题还有疑问,请追问.


be likely to 可能= maybe

be likely to do可能做双语对照词典结果:网络释义1. 很有可能2. 可能作某事例句:In almost every other country, additional monetary stimulus would belikely to do nothing more than blow dangerous financial bubbles. 在其它几乎所有国家,再次祭出货币刺激政策,可能只会捅破危险的金融泡沫.

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