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The answer was followed by an impressive silence .接着是一片沉默.2. She is at the pains of finding the answers 她在努力寻求答案.3. The angle of projection affects the answer .抛射角对结果有影响.4. Pay special attention to the sign of the

1,做名词时是答案的意思,记住它的固定用法:answer to.后面接问题2,做动词时是回答的意思,answer sb. 回答某人 answer the call接电话 answer the door应门

用作动词 (v.)1. The question is simple enough to answer.这个问题很简单,容易回答. 2. she fell into a rage and refused to answer.他勃然大怒,拒不回答. 3. He answered that he knew nothing about it.他答复说关于此事他一无所知. 4. He


《现代英汉综合大辞典》 answer vt.回答, 答复, 解答, 答辩答应; 响应; 应付适合, 符合报复尽(责); 偿(债)《现代英汉词典》answer n.回答;答覆以行动答覆答辩;抗辩答案;试题答案《简明英汉词典》answer n.答案, 回答, 答辩, 抗辩v.回答说, 答复说, 符合, 反响, 响应

answer [':ns, 'n-] vt. 回答;符合vi. 回答;符合n. 回答;答案;答辩短语:in answer to 回答;应…要求 answer for 因……而受罚;对……负责 no answer 无应答;舵失灵 answer the phone 接电话 answer the following questions 回答下列问题 wrong answer 答案错误 希望对你有帮助 如有疑问 请在线交谈 祝你天天开心 心想事成 O(∩_∩)O

reply既可作不及物动词,又可作及物动词,还可作名词.作不及物动词,其意为“回答”,可用“reply to(sb. /sth. )”表示“对……作出回答”.作及物动词时,其意为“回答”,“回答说”.作名词时,意思为“答道”,“回信”,“答复”,后面

动词的意思是回答;答复;接电话.名词的意思是答案;回答;答复.短语:1、answer a query 回答质问2、answer a question 回答问题3、answer a riddle 解谜底4、answer a speech 致答词5、answer an accusation 对谴责作详细的答辩6、

n.[c][(+to)] 1. 回答;答复;复信 i'm waiting for an answer to my letter. 我正在等候回信. 2. 答案;解决办法 what's the correct answer to this arithmetic question? 这道算术难题的正确答案是什么? 3. 反应 he said good night to her but she gave no

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