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It hAppEnED thAt.什么时候加so

你好 happen表示“碰巧或恰巧发生某事”时,可用“It happens / happened that...”这一结构来表达.例如:It happened that Brian and Peter were at home that day.碰巧那天布莱恩和彼得在家了.It happened that he had to take part in a meeting t...

C as引导非限定性定语从句,意为“正如”在从句中作主语。【标签】非限定性定语从句

C. 我昨天顺路去拜访她,她却正好不在家. just so加强语气,正好。 it just so happened=it happened that It happened that I saw him. 碰巧我看见他了。 =(I happened to see) him. 我碰巧看见他了。It happened that I was free that evening.

1. It so happened that there was nobody in the house when the fire broke out. 2. It is not necessary for each primary school students to...

It happened that the cat met Mr. Fox in the ...So the City mouse went. The City mouse said, ...你应该搬到城里去住,你能住上用石头造的漂亮房子...


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