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Because of this race, we have lots of training.

中文:不可数名词讲解,1.训练;培训;2.(为参加体育比赛而进行的)训练,锻炼.we will have some vocational training before graduation毕业前,我们会接受一些职业训练.a motor boat will pace the boys training for the rowing match.一艘汽船要为那些练习划船比赛的孩子们定步调.

training [英][tren][美][tren] n.训练; 培养; (枪炮,摄影机等的)瞄准; 整枝法; v.训练,培养( train的现在分词); 教育; 瞄准; 整枝; 复数:trainings 例句:1.Trustees must also receive proper resources and training. 董事会成员还必须获得适当的资源和培训.2.The hard work was good training. 艰苦的工作是良好的训练.

He flunked out of flight training. 他因不及格而退出飞行训练.His training fits him for the job. 他受过的训练使他能胜任此项工作.We have been training hard for the games. 我们一直为这次运动会进行紧张训练.

1.training for non-professional staff 对非专业员工的培训 2. His victory was seen as payback for all the hard work he'd put in during training. 他的胜利被视为训练期间所有辛苦的回报. 3. A good traini

Because of this race, we have lots of training.因为这场比赛,我们有了许多训练.it is necessary for us to have a high level training.我们有必要进行一次高水平的训练.I always wished to God that it would rain so we would not have the training.我一


training的意思是:n. 训练;培养;瞄准;整枝 v. 训练;教养(train的ing形式) 双语例句1. The teacher training college put up a plaque to the college's founder. 那所教师培训学院为该学院的创立者立了一块纪念牌匾.2. You could never eliminate

We will have some vocational training before graduation毕业前,我们会接受一些职业训练.

trained和training造句分别如下I trained as a ballet dancer我受过芭蕾舞训练.He was on the training field for some light work yesterday.昨天他在训练场进行了一些强度较小的训练.

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