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用Do onE s homEwork造句

He does his homework at home.He is doing his homework at home.

one's指名词所有格/形容词性物主代词 do my brother's homework 做我弟弟的作业 do her homework 做她的 作业

She often does her homework in the evening 她经常在晚上做她的家庭作业

I do my homework at noon.

I do my homework everyday.我每天都在做作业

1. Who can help me do my homework 谁可以帮我做我的作业2. I don't want to do my homework 我不想做我的作业3. I don' need to do my homework 我不需要去做我的作业4. My parents always ask me to do my homework 我的父母总是叫我去做作业5. It's very difficult to do my homework 做我的作业是一件很难的事情

do one's homework 做家庭作业;做必要的准备工作 [例句]This coupon entitles the bearer to one homework pass.这个奖卷奖给通过功课的人.请采纳~

1.I often do my homework at night.2.He did his homework yesterday.

He is doing his homework. Do you do your homework after supper? She doesn't do her homework.


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