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1.difference It will make a very big difference.这将造成很大的差别.2.differentlyEvery individual learns differently.每个人的学习方式都不一样.3.also He was mean,also ugly.他既吝啬,又丑陋.4.as wellShe can speak Japanese as well as English.她会说日语和英语.5.one moreI think I can do with one more piece.我想我还能再吃一块.

The two sides have differences over aims and methods. 双方在目的和方法上有些意见不一致. We've had our differences in the past, but we get on OK now. 过去我们有过分歧但是现在我们相处得不错. Leave behind our differences and we can work it out. 把我们的过分歧放下, 我们便可以解决那事情.

你好!If you want to make a defference in your life, you just have to wait for the right moment.希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

different是形容词 后加名词 如Different people have different opinion.不同的人有不同的意见 differences是名词复数形式 原形不用加s 例句:There are so many differences between us.我们之间有太多不同

这几个造句我做过 group:My best firends and I are in the same groupdisabled:We should help the disbled childrendifference:There is no difference between the

1 I give her a cat.2 She sent me a doll.3 My mother bought me a dog.4 She passes me a piece of paper.5 The boy teaches me an English lesson.1 I find it interesting(difficult).2 She thinks it easy(really interesting).

make a difference 的相关例句 1. The land must make a difference too, in the shape of the clouds. 陆地上一定也看得见异常的现象, 那就是云的式样不同.来自英汉文学 - 老人与海2. What you have told me may make a difference to my own position.

1 Therefore he gave away all his money to charities2 I think no one can help me except you.3 If you could choose a place to live, which city or country would you choose?4 He laughs best who laughs last5 will you let me do anything?6 We have to face


He was ill, and therefore could not come.他病了, 所以未能来.When I say that the boys are lazy, I except you.我说男孩懒惰, 并不包括你.I feel depressed because I lost my bikewhich one do you like best?who are you?will you let me do this?It's

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