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用By ACCiDEnt造句

by accident; 意外地; 偶然地 造句: She broke the plate by accident. 她意外地把碗盤打碎了。

They ranked her for the traffic accident. 他们要她对这次交通事故负责。 《21世纪大英汉词典》 They choppered us to the scene of the accident. 他们用直升机把我们送到事故现常 《21世纪大英汉词典》 He could not retreat from his respo...

i meet him in the street by accident

I wandered here and met your by accident. 我在这里闲逛,碰巧就遇见了你。

造句: I met Tom by accident last week 上周我碰巧撞到了Tom 希望能帮到你

He was brought up by his aunt.他是被他的姑姑抚养长大的。 To be honest,it is difficult to study English well.说实话,学好英语是困难的。 My pen was found by accident.我的笔偶然被找到了。

1,the accurate report to the accident, just believe it. the jsut report to the accident ,just believe it. the exact report to the accident, just believe it. 2,She would never get anythingmuch closer what she wanted. She would n...

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