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用By ACCiDEnt造句

by accident; 意外地; 偶然地 造句: She broke the plate by accident. 她意外地把碗盤打碎了。

They ranked her for the traffic accident. 他们要她对这次交通事故负责。 《21世纪大英汉词典》 They choppered us to the scene of the accident. 他们用直升机把我们送到事故现常 《21世纪大英汉词典》 He could not retreat from his respo...

I forgot the cards by accident. 我意外的忘了那些卡片。 Sometimes we succeed by accident. 有时我们会意外取得成功。 They met him by accident . 他们偶然遇见了他。 I meet him by accident. 我偶然的遇到他。

i meet him in the street by accident

造句: I met Tom by accident last week 上周我碰巧撞到了Tom 希望能帮到你

He was brought up by his aunt.他是被他的姑姑抚养长大的。 To be honest,it is difficult to study English well.说实话,学好英语是困难的。 My pen was found by accident.我的笔偶然被找到了。

None of my inventions came by accident. 我所有的发明都不是偶然的。 I took your umbrella by mistake. 我错把你的雨伞拿走了。 后面两个词不对吧。。。?

He earns his living by fishing. 他靠捕鱼为生

小明说得话前后牛头不对马嘴,一看就知道在撒谎。 只要人家对他一派称赞,就是牛头不对马嘴,他也很高兴。

1. I hand in homework everyday. 我每天都交作业 2. I dropped by my friend's home last night. 我昨晚顺便去了我朋友家 3. After all, the exam is very difficult. 考试终究很难 4. You should make your friend feel at home. 你应该让你朋...

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