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用Ask sB A quEstion 造句

My teacher asked me to finish the 揣龚编夹妆蝗表伟勃连homework.老师让我完成家庭作业.

I need to ask XiaoMing some questions about panting.

1. to do what a letter ask to is do 做信中要求做的事 来源: dj.iciba.com 2. ask if somebody has the ability to do something 询问某人能否做某事 来源: dj.iciba.com 3. ask someone in a friendly way to do something 用友好的方式要求某人做某事

ask sb. sth. 是双宾语结构, 意思是 “向某人求某物”或 “向某人询问某事”.例如: Tom asked her pardon.(汤姆请求她的宽恕). You should ask others the way to the station. (你应该向别人打听到车站的路) sth. 也可以用从句,例如 He asked her what was wrong(他问她出什么事了)


ask sb. for sth = ask sb. to do sth

ask somebody to go a placeyou ask you brother to the school用心为你答题,满意请采纳.

用ask sb to do sth造句 Ask sb, esp politely, in speech or writing to do sth

my mother ask me to clean my room.my teacher ask me to read this book.my good friend ask me to see a film tonight.my father ask me to help others.my sister ask me to do the dishes.

give sb some advice 给某人一些建议 ask for advice 问某人的建议 enjoy喜欢 practise练习 finish完成 enjoy oneself玩得高兴 have a good time玩得高兴

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