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你好 how do you do? (陌生人问候 ) how are you? (你好吗) how's it going ?事情顺利吗(多种含义,根据情景来定) what do you think of +sth (你怎么看待某件事) how do you like +sth(和上句一样) what is your name?(你叫什么名字

一般疑问句句式:be动词/情态动词/助动词+主语+其他?特殊疑问句句式:特殊疑问词+一般疑问句语序?否定疑问句:be动词/情态动词/助动词+n't+主语+其他?如:Isn't ..?反义疑问句:陈述句,附加疑问句(由be动词/情态动词/助动词+主语两部分构成)

1.where is2can you tell me the way to3 how can I get to4 Is there a near/around here5.which is the way to6can you tell me how to get to7.do you know how I can get to

划线部分提问1、对“地点”提问用where.如:(1).They are studying Chinese in China.→ Where are they studying Chinese?2、对“时间”提问用when.如:(2).She

展开全部1. Excuse me. 请原谅.2. I'm so sorry. 很抱歉.3. I'm awfully sorry. 非常抱歉.4. I'm terribly sorry about that. 为此我非常抱歉.5. I apologize. 我道歉.6. My apologies. 我道歉.7. Please forgive me. 请原谅.8. I hope you will excuse me. 希望你

what什么 how怎样 where哪里 why为什么 when什么时候 what time什么时间 how much多少(不可数) how many多少(可数) how long多长时间 how often频率 how far多远 how about怎么样 这些都是比较常见的,希望能帮到您,谢谢~!

表达建议的句型:Why don't you Let's What about How about Why not You'd better You ought to You should You should Hadn't you bet

很多啊!Why为什么What什么(主语)How怎么样Which哪一个Where哪里How long表多长时间How far表示距离多远How soon表示动作多快Would you表意愿

对划线部分提问1. She needs help.2. There is a map of China on the wall.3. He was born in Xi' an on October 4, 1978.4. They cleaned the room just now.5. She spent a lot of money on clothes.6. Mr. Jin often goes to Beijing by plane.7. There are

1. 一般疑问句.2. 特殊疑问句 .3. 选择疑问句.4. 反意疑问句.特殊疑问句:特殊疑问句是以特殊疑问词开头,对句中某一成分提问的句子叫特殊疑问句.常用的疑问词有:what 、who 、whose 、which 、when 、where 、how 、why等.回答

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