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英语里的 ContriButE to 怎么用

英 [kən'trɪbjuːt tu] 美 [kən'trɪbjuːt tu] 是…的原因;有助于;为…作贡献;为…捐款;为…撰稿 例句:Honesty and hard work contribute to success and happiness.

contribute to 对。。。做贡献;是。。。的重要成因

contribute在一下两种用法中都可以 be contributing to 导致 和 contribute to 有助于,促成 Recent research also suggests that a lack of sleep could be contributing to problems like diabetes and weight gain, both serious health haza...

整体来看这是一个that引导的强调句! It is (what these individuals contribute to their places of work) that makes you realise how important they are. 括号中的部分是被强调部分! 这句话的正常语序应该是 (What these individuals contr...

The teacher enourages everyone to contribute to the discussion. 觉得好,请采纳~~

可以根据单词的发音来记 con/ tri/ bute [kən/ ˈtrɪ/ bjut]

常用模板: I. In recent years,_____图表所反映的现象 ,which can be clearly observed from thediagram.____用图表中的数据说明这一现象. Several reasons contribute to/several factors result in thisphenomenon.Firstly_________,Secondly...

While the majority of entrepreneurs have no problem working hard, not all work smart and possess the following entrepreneurial qualities responsible for driving success. 1. Not being afraid of delegating tasks. As entrepreneurs...

Attention: ** Civil Affairs Bureaudepartment Subject: to contribute to Project Hope by offering financialaid to a child in a remote area. To whom it may concern, This letter is With regard to I would like to contribute to Proje...

contribute to doing sth. 是促成/对……有作用的 意思,是个词组 不能说 cotribute students to 改为:The teachers contribute to the improvement of the students' English improving students' English.

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