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56 A ( There’s a sports meeting in the forest on the big hill.) 57 B (a horse, a deer and a cat,a dog and two tigers are jumping ,1+1+1+1+2=6) 58 A (Two monkeys are climbing the trees)) 59 B 60 B

where is the question?

1.arrived 2.to live 3.took 4.excited 5.them 6.had 7.visited 8.saw 9.were 10.to visit

我做英语家教两年多了,帮助了很多英语40、50分的高中生把英语学到100。 大家的问题都很相似,你可以检测一下你是不是也是这个问题:翻开任意一本已经学完的英语书的单词表,是不是每个词都认识(仅仅认识就好,不用会拼写)?如果不是,说明你...

1 With the teachers' help 2 so\ can't help jumping\hearing 3 take part in


I have a dream,and I hope one day it will come true.I dream that I have a harmonious family.I dream that my parents wouldn't scold me when I make mistakes,instead they patiently teach me how correct them.I dream that there were...

Hello Debbie. Thank you so much for the ticket to the dance! I am wondering about some specific information on the clothing and other materials needed for the dance. Also, would you mind telling me about the directions to get t...

- Time Bomb - All Time Low From the get-go, I knew this was hard to hold. Like a crash, the whole thing spun out of control. Oh, on a wire, we were dancing. Two kids, no consequences. Pull the trigger without thinking. There's ...

why tom is just absorbed in a sponge中的be absorbed in是非谓语形式。类似be interested in 其他两个是谓语形式。

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