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End of the 20th century, "after 80" Fengshengshuiqi Literature, the rapid development all the way, to date, regardless of the mainstream literary scene really accept this special literary groups, their impact has been not to be ignored. Looking at "

the fast development of China's real estate prompts the scale of the estate mortgage larger and larger, personal estate mortgage has become the main part of commercial bank loan provision,so it makes a much higer demand for risk management

With the rapid development of modern economy, the global economy is accelerating the integration process, internal control has become all enterprises and accounting experts are very important issues of concern. In recent years, in our country

In this study, obtained research group refined group of Gonyaulax toxins (GTX1-4) as the standard material, using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), through analysis and comparison of column derivatization reaction conditions (

Human capital of a country or region are the most important foundation of wealth, but also a significant source of development of the country (world bank, 1997). In the modern economic society, a country's economic strength and competitiveness,

The current television programs quietly on the rise, provincial and municipal-level TV stations have launched more about programs, files, "on" and "legend", "Wang Gang told stories" and other programs have the screen appearance by the

The first public abundant allusion dint in China and symbol dint replaces the actual Mo to the image to write, true state and invisible of dream have no the vestige but again have no into not at of the unreal merge into an integral whole, super take off

Shihezi area on the status of dance education in primary and secondary schools and Countermeasures Shihezi University Literature Institute of the Arts 04 music Changmengjuan Zip 832000 Abstract dance education in primary and secondary

in china, although the multimedia industry started later than 10 foreign countries, but the development houjinshizu to high-tech and cultural integration for the characteristics of the development of creative industries, the company more quickly. with

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