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翻译结果: Sales of the highest mobile phone 销量最高 top-selling;best-selling更多释义>> [网络短语] 销量最高的女团体 List of best-selling girl groups 最高销量单曲 Highest Selling Single 最高销量歌手大奖 Tower Record

Sales charts 销售排行榜 chart 英[tʃɑ:t] 美[tʃɑ:rt] n. 图表; 航海图; 排行榜; vt. 绘制地图; 记录; 记述; 跟踪(进展或发展); [例句]Portuguese explorers had charted the west coast of Africa as far as Sierra Leone 葡萄牙探...

“销售额”和“销售量”用英语说: 销售额——Sales 销售量——Sales volume

销售量 [词典][经] quantity of sale;volumeof sales; [名] sales volume; [例句]销售量下降了。 Sales have dropped off

销量 sales volume 双语例句: 在这段时间里,我们的销量、收入和收益都创造了新记录。 During this period, we achieved new records for sales volume, revenues, and earnings.

proceeds n.(买卖等的)收入,收益; 销售量 v.进行( proceed的第三人称单数 ); 前进; (沿特定路线)行进; (尤指打断后)继续说;

电脑显示万销量手机显示75意思哦 亲要求模糊我能能写新发款名叫X-phone手机 My newly developed smart phone in 2012 is the X-phone. (外观特色)Compared to the former generation, the X-phone has a brand-new appearance.It is just 1.3 ...

销售额:sale 销售量:sales volume

销量不好 翻译结果 slow sale dull sale The sale is not good . 网络释义 短语 可不但销量不好 Not Only Sold Well

地道的表达是 No. 1 in global sales We lead the way in global sales

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