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求kErEn Ann的sEvEntEEn吉他谱!

Look at me I'm only seventeen 看着我,虽然我只有17岁 The many years between us Have been broken 但我们跨越了年龄的鸿沟 Look at me under the evergreen 看着我,我们在常青树下 Life is a mellow dream 生活就如一个甜美的梦 Almost uns...

试一下这个: http://salonmedia.vo.llnwd.net/o1/mp3s/2005/Feb/Seventeen.mp3 http://dna.9sky.com/mdn/drm64/0/376791/16249_31822_376791.wma?uID=430482942&icpId=151&&zzzId=3&mdn=&MainOrBy=1&dGroup=9999999&ip=

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