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At the age of the science and technology ,there is no dencying that the society requires more .With the deveopment of education,the nunber of the college students has increased to a high level.The employeement of the college students is an

The university student's opportunity and challenge If you are university student,I think you have had the more chance to find a better job,but premise you should try to study for yourself when you were stayed in the university.Try to do that.If you are

As is shown in the chart above,we can see clearly that the employment rate of college students is more and more low year by year.In 1993,the rate is 93percent,1995 is 91percent and in 1997,it hae down to 90percent. There are reasons here. Frist,

in a way ,going abroad is a good chance fer you to improve your English,because of the speaking environment.there are also many challenges for you,such as the competition among the students who study abroad,so believe in yourself,hard work

In our society, there is one kind of people called "Undergraduate", they have ambitious, they have energy and also, they have endless power on what they are pursuing. But now the undergraduate are conflicting so many wired situations.In study

The changes of higher education Recently there have been some significant changes happening in our country's higher education. Now let me tell you some of them. Students can get married at college. That's because many postgraduaes are old

容How to face the challenge Life is colorful,but life is also difficult.Each of us will face challenge.Let's talk about "How to face challenge." As a student,we can meet all kinds of challenges and problems.When we are in trouble,we should find the

The rapid development of the informative times is a challenge to all of us, especially the students who will step into the society soon. The 21 century is full of competition, elimination and reform. One who doesn't want to study everyday will certainly

Four seasons, literary attainment. Our journey, though, we hard thorns, stormy, also want to challenge - such as helpful as resolute. Black and blue, pieces, because we understand life at least challenge is spent, at least we know only challenge to

How should college students face to the opportunity?In recent years, the opportunity of job-seeking for college students becomes bigger and bigger because the distributions of them have changed a lot. That directly causes study opportunity more

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