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请教英语高手!~写一篇关于的英语作文 100个单词就...

friendship what is friendship? it is to relate with somebody without need for money or objective. it is to need emotion and over wealth is friendship , no matter what their background , age , sex or personality. friendship can be pure. we hear ,

Title:Life Is Beautiful As Well As CruelIt is no doubt that life is so beautiful that we should do our best to cherish it. To a man who loves his own life, it is rather a short time that the life is for him to enjoy the colorful world. Only being alive can we enjoy the

Autumn breeze was blowing, tossing the fallen leaves up and down. Passengers were moving to and fro around us. It was about time that the train start to leave. Alan

My father is a tall man.He has gentle eyes behind glasses,and a smile hanging on his face.I love him,because he is not only my parent,but also the one for me to rely on,to trust,and to share joy and h

Golden monkeys live only in China. They are protected by Chinese government. Their fur is golden and a bit grey. Their tails are as long as their bodies. Male golden monkeys are big and strong while the female ones are much smaller. Golden

a terrible dayThere is a chinese saying that if you met bad luck, even you can be choked by water. i got such a bad day which you can never imagin. one day, i got up late in the morning and hurried to the bus stop, unfortunately, the bus had not come

On stage play dear david: Stage play is a kind of stage art. It has been characterized by varied charming elements such as elegant,magnificent,energetic,spectaculer. As for the english stage play, the knowledge of it is helpful for you on the english

Friendship is one of the GREatest pleasures that people can enjoy. It is very difficult to find a better definition of friendship. A true friend does indeed find pleasure in our joy and share sorrow in our grief. In time of trial, he or she is always at our side

I am the president and representative of XXX, I am here to talk about how to save our environment. As we all know, global warming is an important issue in the climax and environmental changes happening with it. Our country have some ways to

==========================Real Friendship (95 words)==========================What is friendship? Friendship is a word used to describe many different kinds of personal relationships. Many people are just acquaintances, yet they

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