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令人失望的 英语


“失望”的英语:disappoint(动词)、disappointment(名词) 词汇解析: 1、

letdown 英 ['let'daʊn]     美 ['

失望,非常失望。 英文翻译:Disappointed, very disappointed. [例句

我对你很失望,英语是:I'm very disappointed with you.

令我失望的是 【to my disappointment】 【which makes me

一、对自己感到失望和挫败1.I wish I (我希望自己)+ Past Simple (一般过去时

No expect,no disappointment。 那么这句中的expect和disappoi

I feel so disappointed in/with you. be disappoi

Forms Used to Express Disappointment 表达失望的形式 Exp

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