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歌手:Phil Collins 专辑:Both Sides Everyday Phil Collins 'Love can make you do things you never dreamed possible' I got lost, couldn't find my way and I guess there's nothing more to say love can make you blind, make you act so strange but I'm

happy day 番茄女孩唱的

专辑《big fish 》中的everyday.你可以听听看,是不是这首.节奏也满轻快地

歌名Forever Everyday 歌手Lee Ann Womack QQ音乐有,你听听是这个不

Everyday 歌舞青春 http://music.qq.com/qqmusic.html?id=405444 歌词 本站歌词来自互联网 ☆Troy&Gabriella Everyday☆ Once in a lifetime Means there's no second chance So I believe that you and me Should grab it while we can Make it last

有一首布兰妮的 不是叫everyday 叫everytime 很像你说的不知道是不是.


是不是high school musical里面的everyday,男主和女主对唱的

Fabolous - Everything, Everyday, Everywhere (Feat. Keri Hilson) Same shit different day just riding through the city looking prettiest as usual It's the same old thang got the name on the chain just to let them know who's who And they know I've over

是jewel的stay here forever 这首歌是情人节的主题曲 珠儿的声音很俏皮的 喜欢她

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