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试着听听美国后街男孩的《Bye Bye Bye》


歌曲叫做,happy song~ 动感单车的时候很喜欢这首歌,

Norazo - Happy Song 你应该找的是这个!!!!!

里面的歌词有put your hands up只听请了这么多 put your hands up 2PM-hands up put your hands upQ

这首歌曲叫rebel yell,原唱 Billy Idol ,翻唱者 有很多,期中Children Of Bodom的版本就不错,彰显了重金属的魅力。 Last night a little dancer came dancing to my door Last night my little angel came pumping on the floor She said "Co...

Britt Nicole - Hanging On You see my anxious heart You see what I am feeling And when I fall apart You are there to hold me How great Your love for me Now I see what You’re thinking You say I’m beautiful Your voice is my healin...

Today We took a walk -- up the street and picked a flower and climbed the hill -- above the lake And secret thoughts were said aloud We watched the faces in the clouds til the clouds had blown away --and were we ever some where...

Aaah aah aah aah aah aaaah Just wanna love, don't wanna care But we in goin' anywhere As long as I, can't put these thoughts to rest Of you and her a time before Did you love her even more For all I know Those words you said, t...

猫王,《Baby,I Don't Care》

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