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把一句话翻译成英语,不要用翻译工具谢谢 如果累了我们就回到刚认识的那天.

If tired , let's go back to the day we first met .

can enrich himself

记住让每一天都有意义最重要!remember make every day count is the most important!

It is always those word,if you are tired someday, just come back, I am waiting for you,(and never go away并且永远不会离开)略略加一句哈~

So, in fact, the work of a day for men and women who have done the work for two days, women did two jobs - one was published in the wages earned outside, one at home without any paid work!

i like to think independently ,and i am good at learning something in and from my job, which makes me be able to deal with practical problems effectively ,however, it sometimes leads to discontinuity of the structure of ability .. In the face of difficulties,

For a long time,I want to write to you.How are you going?I hope you are all right.I hope you still have a good health and have fun every day.I still don't know why you were so angry at that time.During the last talking,You told me you would go to repair

If you are tired, just come back! I am waiting for you forever!

我试着意译了,希望LZ不要介意:Life is empty like a dream while time is relentless. When you look back, you'll see it's your mood that controls your life. No matter poor or rich, gain or lose, everything will be gone like the floating cloud. Think about it,

With few exceptions, until after the civil war, in Boston, Philadelphia and other cities school, teach some appear smell of course. Slight academic

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