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%% WhAt shAll wE Do this wEEkEnD, JuliE?%%% ___...

答案应该是A.C.B.第一题:用could表示提议.因为回答者have no idea,也还没有安排好做什么,所以提议说“我们可以出去野餐”.shall=will,表示已经安排好;had better go to picnic意为"我们最好出去野餐",也不符合句义.第二题:应

It's on sunday morning .It is a beautifui sunny day .My family all stay at home.My mother is cleaning the room.My father is helping my mother.My grandparents are watching TV.And I am playing computer games.My brother is writing to his penpal.We are having a good time!希望能够帮到你

this weekend是一个时间,对时间提问我们用when所以答案是:When shall we visit our grandparents?要注意的是shall要提到we前面.

watch 或者 see

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